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If you have been moved out of a Pension Scheme since the year 2000 you may be entitled to compensation for any financial loss your retirement plans have suffered.  This could be hundreds of thousands of pounds. Why wait?

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We can help you recover what is rightfully yours. If you have been moved:

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You may have genuine grounds for complaint, and be entitled

to Pension Compensation Payable to you as a cash lump sum!

How we can

help you...

Thanks for visiting our site, at Pension Compensation we beleive in helping  people who may have been wrongly advised to move out of a pension scheme and could be entitled to some compensation.  If you think you may have grounds to claim some money back due to a mis-sold pension, or would simply like more information then please do get in touch to make an enquiry.

You are under no obligation to use the services of a professional pensions claim management company like ourselves, you could undertake the exercise yourself if you wish and not have to pay companies like Pension Compensation Limited. There is no guarantee we will be any more successful than if you did the work yourself, nor is there any guarantee we can obtain you a larger amount of compensation than if you had done the work yourself.

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