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If you have been moved out of a Pension Scheme since the year 2000 you may be entitled to compensation for any financial loss your retirement plans have suffered.  This could be hundreds of thousands of pounds. Why wait?

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When facing financial situations that put your savings and family’s future are at stake, it’s best to simply invest in the services of professionals to move your case in the right direction, especially if it’s about your mis-sold pension.


When you have been mis-sold something, it means someone provided you wrong, inaccurate, incomplete or unsuitable information that caused you to choose and purchase a product that does provide the solution you require or is simply not right for you. For instance, you are looking for a new vehicle that will serve your travel-living, road-tripping, adventurous lifestyle. Instead of presenting you with a list of all-terrain vehicles according to your budget, the salesperson advised you to go for a typical family car instead. It works well, but it’s just not right for you.


The same principle describes a mis-sold pension. In the late 1980s to the early 1990s, scores of people in the U.K. figured in what was said to be the biggest pension scandal that rocked the country. The expose revealed how employees and workers were encouraged by pension plan salespersons to pull out from the pension schemes offered by the companies they are working for, and invest in another plan that promised huge returns – which never materialised, and left them without anything for the future.


While a million people have reportedly been paid their pension compensation, a huge population of the victims are still pushing for their claims. In the meantime, the government has implemented strict regulations to avoid a repeat of the case. But pension plan mis-selling is still very much alive today, and the next victim can be anyone, including you.

If you decide to formalise your complaint and demand for compensation, here are some things to remember:


Collect all documents. Gather all relevant paperwork and organise them in a way that will help you tell your story more effectively.

Do your homework. The first place you should go to is the Financial Ombudsman website. Read up on the basics of filing a complaint, its processes, time limits and requirements.  

Get expert help. It’s best to get the services of pension plan claim specialists. They will provide you the right insight, independent professional advice and administrative assistance you need to come up with a strong position for your case.

Act decisively. Your pension is supposed to be your funds during your golden years. Don’t waste time or lose more money with costly mistakes or wrong decisions. Arm yourself with the necessary information. Listen to the experts. And get their assistance as you push your pension claim to a favourable outcome.


If you’d like to chat about  your pension history or to arrange a free, no obligation, face-to-face review, please contact us today.


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